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Uplift Pressure and Fastening Pattern Generator

This Tool can be used to generate expected uplift pressures on roofs using calculations outlined in the American Society of Civil Engineer's ASCE 7 standard Minimum Design Loads for Buildings and Other Structures (2005 or 2010 editions).

Please note that this tool has not modified for use with ASCE 7-16 which is referenced in the new IBC 2018 code book. User is responsible for knowing what code book is applicable for your state or authority having jurisdiction. Please contact Engineering Services for states where the IBC 2018 has been adopted.

Specification Generator

This tool can be used to create a specification a document that can, and in most cases should, be modified by the specifier to meet the requirements of an individual project. Duro-Last is not responsible for the accuracy of any document created in full or in part by this Program.

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